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Learn how to responsively relate and communicate in a meaningful way with dogs!

Dog Raising Class

Dog Raising class
  • The emphasis of this puppy class is to create a frictionless transition for our puppies into life as a domestic dog.
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AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy
  • If your puppy has completed our Level 1 Dog Raising Class, you are invited to join our AKC S.T.A.R. PUPPY PROGRAM!
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Canine Good Citizen

Canine Good Citizen
  • This program is designed for preparing to take and pass the official AKC Canine Good Citizen test and earn the official title!
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Emotional Support Dog

Emotional Support Dog
  • From preferred dog selection to advanced training. There is no better place than here to begin and complete the process.
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Dogcentric Workshops

Dogcentric Workshops
  • Are you tired of listening to professional trainers who blindly follow what other humans tell other humans about what other humans know about dogs?
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Private Dog Training

Private Dog Training
  • One on one coaching for you and your dog is a great way to cater training to specific goals or issues you and your dog need to work on.
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Board and Train

Board and Train
  • We say we offer the best board and train programs in the state because we consistantly create durable and powerful transformation in dogs and their families.
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in-Home Puppy Training

in-Home Puppy Training
  • Our private puppy training program is simple and fun. The goal is to create a solid foundation for a dog who will be able to stay intimate with the community and the life of their family.
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What People Say About Us

Doggy transformations chronicled

Our teaching philosophy relies on the ability for one to "believe it, in order to see it." This can be a challenge for new clients. It is easy to "see it to believe it," but to be the source of positive change, one must believe first. You can help others by sharing your story.

Kim C.

A frictionless approach to understanding and communicating with our dog.

Leon W.

An amazing way to teach dog owners to train dogs that transcends dog training.

Sandy R.

Dog rescue took the dog out of the mill, Your Dog's Best Friend took the mill out of the dog. That's teamwork!

Marco M.

Dog aggressive to dog impressive, thank you for helping us recover our instincts! Trust, Respect, Loyalty, Love!

Ryan B.

Truly the dog whisperers of Minneapolis, every new situation with our dogs is an exciting new opportunity for me to show them how to succeed!

Amy T.

Learning to train the dogs way in puppy class was amazing. The education we got during puppy socialization was not only useful but also inspiring. If you truly believe dogs are good people, YDBF is for you!

Keep up the great work guys. Thank you for being a part of our pack!
Max Bitterman - Dog Trainer/Founder

What Do We Help With?

Rehabilitation of dog behavior problems:

Dog Socialization Issues - Dog Aggression - Fearful dogs - Puppy Mill Dogs - Shy Dogs - Rowdy Dogs - Anxious Dogs - Disobedient Dogs - Stubborn Dogs

Prevention of dog behavior problems:

Puppy Training - New Dog Introductions - Doggie Match Making (finding the right dog for your family)

What are the results?

More fun and freedom and trust with the family!

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Fun 2
Fun 3

Where are they now?

TherapyTherapy - Buster used to be nervous about being touched by new people, sometimes biting, sometimes slinking away. Now Buster loves his hospice visits and his visits with terminally ill dogs. Sometimes a puppy is our first friend but it takes a special puppy to be someone's last friend.

ServiceService - Frodo lost his job as a Seeing Eye dog due to explosive outbursts as trucks and other loud vehicles passed by on the walk. Now he has his job back and not only provides Seeing Eye services but gets to go to Minneapolis schools to show off to the kids how special he is!

TeacherTeacher - Buddy holds a notorious title as the most human aggressive dog in the history of Your Dog's Best Friend. That was years ago. Today he spends his days teaching at risk dogs how to follow house rules. He is a perfect example for how dogs should treat humans and their homes.

CoachingCoaching - Cajun was a smart, young, happy go lucky pup. He has developed into a pack leader for our new dogs. He helps the timid ones grow their confidence, the reactive ones try a more social approach to relating with other dogs and with his brother Oakland on his team they have served as "first friends" to many rescue dogs as they begin their new life.

HuntingHunting - Duke, the bird dog developed a fear of loud noises. He was forced to sit out hunting weekends for over three years. Now he is back in the field and doing what he loves and was born to do! He is currently training his puppy brother Zipper to become a great bird dog too.

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    Continual Education

    Group classes are a great way to work with other owners, trainers & dogs who are in agreement with how to build trust, respect, loyalty & love with your dog. Learning to understand dog society and train the dogs way is a lifelong journey. We are always here for you as you progress as a pack leader. Our clients have us for a lifetime!

    Pack Walk

    Pace Walk
    • A mindful and connected experience to bond & build trust with your dog and the community.
    • Weekly: Inquire For Date/Times

    Shy Dog Class

    Shy Dog
    • Puppy mill dogs, hoarder rescues and dogs that need extra help learning to trust people.
    • Weekly: Inquire For Date/Times

    Reactive & Rowdy Dog Class

    Rowdy Dog
    • Dogs without boundaries and limits lose privileges, get isolated & often end up at risk. Learn how to set rules, boundaries and limitations that will allow your canine companion to feel proud and confident because they know just what to do!
    • Weekly: Inquire For Date/Times

    Dog Rescue Seminars

    Empower your staff - Keep fosters supported - Keep dogs in their homes
    We love to help you fulfull your mission!

    Stop The Drop

    • Preparing rescue volunteers to give struggling dog owners info, resources & belief in a positive outcome to avoid surrendering in the first place.

    New Dog Intros

    • Empowering rescue volunteers to empower fosters and adopters to build a good relationship with new fosters and adopted dogs to maximize successes and minimize returns.

    Puppy Stages

    • How to fulfill puppy needs from 2-4, 4-6 & 6-10 months to prevent dog behavior issues.


    • Talking dog to help traumatized dogs, nurture sensitivity in frustrated dogs and build the ultimate connection and bond with any dog.

    Our Training Is Positive

    Don't you mean positive reinforcement?

    No, it's just positive!


    When our dog does the right thing, we can use our approval, toys, treats or privileges to support the behavior. This is positive reinforcement, a vital part of a balanced training approach. When our dog does something that can hurt them, such as snapping at another dog or bolting out the door towards a busy street we do not positively reinforce it, instead we use positive disagreement.

    There is a technique we share with our dogs to get followership in any situation no matter how many distractions or obstacles. We show our dogs that being told no and being corrected comes with the same trust, respect & love that we share when they are doing the right thing. Your dog can associate mistakes with a fun and happy opportunity to be shown a better way. Wrong and stupid or wrong and bad are conditioned responses our dogs do not need to feel to become 100% trustworthy.

    In fact, teaching this way blocks the process of building 100% trust. Intimidation & shame are shortcuts that a frustrated follower in a leadership position utilizes to compensate for their lack of leadership ability. This is done at the expense of the self-esteem of the other, in this case the dog. As an instinctual pack leader for your dog, you will never even feel the urge to handle things that way!

    If you take a baby from its mom, replace her with a parent, not an owner. That is why we teach dog raising as a foundation rather than dog training. That is why we teach dog relating for relationship building rather than dog training. This is why we are your dog's best friend.

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    What I Learned From Cesar Millan

    When we learn to quiet our mind, trust our instincts and fully submit to the narrative that reality provides us, the person we allow ourselves to be is more comfortable, powerful & impactful than we had ever before dreamed we could be. This is when you become your dog's best friend.

    Gracias Cesar, por tu apoyo y orientacion, Max :)

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